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Architectural planning / Visualisazion / execution project and detailed design / tender / architectural construction management
Radon gas measurement

Light Planning (daylight and artificial lighting design) / Visualisazion / daylight - and artificial light measurement (illuminance, luminance)

Finite element calculation of thermal bridges 2 and 3 dimensional

Surveying (total-station and GPS satellite surveying)

Feuchtegehaltmessung und Feuchte-Leckortung / CO2-Luftqualitätsmessungen

Building cadastre and land registry consulting / estimation / Rating
KlimaHouse and Passivhouse: design, calculation and consulting

Blower Door Test (air tightness test)

Building sound measurement

Thermography Report, moisture / mold measurement / tecnical report

Moisture content measurement and water leak detection / CO2 air quality measurements

Trainig courses in all areas mentioned above

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